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Jamie Mackenzie

PowerPointlessness. "Scoring PowerPoints," From Now On: Educational Technology Journal, September 2000

"Beyond Edutainment and Technotainment," From Now On: Educational Technology Journal, September 2001

"Beyond Clipart: Encouraging Children's Own Drawings," From Now On: Educational Technology Journal, June 1999

"Template Art, Template Thinking, Multimediocracy, and other TomFoolery," From Now On: Educational Technology Journal, April 1999


Bernajean Porter

Evaluating Digital Products



Scoring Guides vs. Rubrics


Rubric Generators


Recipes for Success at IDEAL (Requires login)

Kathy Schrock's Rubrics for everything


Scoring Guides

NCRTEC Scoring Guides, originally developed with Bernajean Porter

Bernajean Porter's Digitales Scoring Guides


PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) Gallerywalk




Examples from Elementary, Middle School, High School

Apply rubrics and scoring guides to these examples for practice in evaluating these digital products



     Laie Elementary Oscar Mayer School Project

     Woonsocket Middle School

     Give Peace a Chance



     Joey Animal Movie - Elementary School

     Dream Project - Middle School

     Notable Greeks Speak at Nogales High School



     Jacks Monster Cards - Primary School

     The Eye - Middle School

     Urban Experience - High School



     A Trip to the Moon


     I Was Asleep - Now I'm Awake


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