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Marzano Strategies and IDEAL

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IDEAL - Integrated Data to Enhance Academic Learning website http://www.ideal.azed.gov


The Role of Marzano Strategies in Planning for Instruction

When lesson planning ask yourself the following questions:


  • What will student's learn?

Strategy: Setting Objectives (.61)

Highlights: IDEAL resource: Recipes for Success Rubric Maker and Discovery Streaming state standards search tool.

Other web resources: Rubistar, PBL Checklists, and Intel Teach Assessment tools


  • Which strategies will provide evidence of student learning?

Strategy: Providing Feedback (.61)

Highlights: IDEAL resource: Formative Assessments and PO Snapshot Quizzes

Other resources: eInstruction Classroom Response System, Promethean ActivExpressions or ActiVotes, Polleverywhere cell phone resource.


  • Which strategies will help students acquire and integrate learning? 

Strategy: Summarizing & Notetaking (1.00), and Non-Linguistic Representations (.75)

Highlights: IDEAL resource: Discovery Education Streaming (NLR)

Other resources: Social Bookmarking sites: Delicious (video), Diigo (video); Graphic Organizers: CMAP, Inspiration and Kidspiration and MyWebspiration; Technical Tools: SubNotebook Computers: HP SubNotebook, The Writer; and techniques like using Digital Images to prompt writing and word recognition, or Voicethread to develop language (video); Social Networking sites: PBWiki (now PBWorks), Ning, and Blogspot/Blogger.


  • Which strategies will help students practice, review, and apply learning? 

Strategy:  Identifying Similarities & Differences (1.61) and Cues, Questions & Advance Organizers (.59)

Highlights: IDEAL resource: Thinfinity (Analogy, Comparison, Compare, Similarities, Differences)

Other web resources: Intel Teach Thinking Tools (Visual Ranking, Seeing Reason, and Showing Evidence), Inspiration and Kidspiration, MyWebspiration, and other graphic organizer tools.

Other Resources:



 Marzano and IDEAL.ppt

Laurie King's Podcast on Marzano Strategies in iTunes


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