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Brichta PBL

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 How can Problem-Based Learning Structure Meaningful, 21st Century Student Learning, Creation and Participation in my Classroom?


Session One:  (Sept. 22)  Activities vs. Problem-Based Learning


Review Session, March 9th (Separate Page)  (so you don't have to scroll to bottom of the page)


  Resources for Training #1

PBL Characterisitcs.doc

PBL Scenarios and Fix a Flat.doc

1.2 Project Versus Activity.pdf  or 1.2 Project Versus Activity.docx

Project-based Learning and Teaching

PBL Resources

PBL-Overview Activities 

T & L article on PBL 

Mrs. Smoke http://mrssmoke.onsugar.com/5147479

Edutopia Videos on Brichta Server


Session Two:  (Oct 13)  How do you make the leap from an activity to a project?


ASCD Article  "Essentials for Project-Based Learning"

Prompts:  Draw a mental Venn-Diagram of Traditional vs. PBL     OR      Activities vs. Projects as you read 

How do you make the leap from an activity to a project?

Essential Questions (More about Essential Questions 

    1. Practice Creating CFQs Spreadsheet
    2. Buck Institute Crafting The Driving Question
  1. Our ticket out:  Participants share with their table a project idea OR, a re-blend of an activity you are already doing
  2. Next time:  Assessment Resources (Intel's Assessing Projects Application, Recipes4Success (in IDEAL), Buck Institute Assessment Tools)

Keys to Remember in Getting Going

 Work backward from a topic. 

 Use your standards.

 Find projects and ideas on the Web. 

 Map your community. 

 Match what people do in their daily work.

 Tie projects to local and national events. 

 Focus on community service.


Assessment Resources
Explore Types of Assessments and See Samples from Buck Itt
Test your knowledge of Appropriate Assessments with Buck Institute Interactive


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